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As a service for the visitors of the web site, some downloads are available.

· Descriptions of the way to the Palm Garden Lodge
Among others, in the descriptions of the way to the Palm Garden Lodge which are available here you can also find a map for your orientation and the postal address of the Palm Garden Lodge in Thai language for taxi oder bus drivers.
Arrival Arriving by car
Unterwegs nach Palmgalo
Arrival Arriving by bus
Arrival Ariving by train
Arrival Sketch
Arrival Photos showing the way

· Overview of the prices at the Palm Garden Lodge
For planning the budget of your holidays, we are offering you here a printable overview with a list of prices for overnight stays, transfers and trips.
Palm Garden Lodge  
For those guests arriving with public transportation, the prices for lodging, car rental as well as the guided tours might be interesting. The Palm Garden Lodge gladly compiles for you a complete package including transfers from and to the Palm Garden Lodge and the desired guided tours. Please use the corresponding reservation form.

Simply download the file to your computer with a double click and install it.

· Wallpaper "Palmgalo"
You are looking for a nice desktop wallpaper for your computer? Perhaps you will find something among the desktop wallpapers with photos from the Khao Yai National Park and the Palm Garden Lodge.

Wallpaper Wallpaper "Palmgalo"