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The Lake Khao Eto is located at the foot of the Khao Yai National Park and even only a few kilometers from the Palm Garden Lodge.

This lake is a water reserve of the region and gives birth to the waterfalls with the same name. Its level changes depending on the season and the water consumption.

The Lake Khao Eto is a popular excursion area for the inhabitants of the Province of Prachin Buri, but also weekend trippers from Bangkok are often attracted by Lake Khao Eto.
Khao Eto Lake
Khao Ito Lake
Thai Food  at the lake
Thaifood at the lake
The lake can be reached by a small transversal road exiting from Highway 33 between Prachin Buri and Prachanthakam. The way to the lake is marked by signs, also in English.

The western shore of the lake is a popular meeting point for picknicks. On the other side of the lake, which is easily accessible, there is the Restaurant "Praykhuan".
Besides traditional Thai kitchen especially the restaurant's fish delicacies are very popular, even visitors from Bangkok come here in order to enjoy the fried or steamed Giant Gourami of the restaurant.

While on weekdays one is often all alone at the lake, there is a lot going on during many weekends.

The area around Lake Khao Eto is popular among mountain-bikers and twice a year there are even international mountainbike championships near Lake Khao Eto.

Restaurant Praykhuan
Restaurant Praykhuan
The sun goes down...
Khao Ito Lake

However, the actual highlight at Lake Khao Eto is the time when at sunset the sun slowly disappears behind the forest and makes the lake shimmer with its last sunrays. There is no doubt that this sunset is one of the most beautiful ones of the entire region and it can be enjoyed from the Restaurant "Praykhuan" in a calm evening mood.

The distance to the lake and back to the Palm Garden Lodge can be comfortably done with a Tuk Tuk. The staff at the Palm Garden Lodge gladly organizes a Tuk Tuk for you which then brings you to the lake whenever you want to, it will even pick you up there.