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· Some thoughts about Palmgalo
by Howie, Webmaster of the Internet Presence

What does Palmgalo mean?
Palmgalo is the abbreviation for "Palm Garden Lodge" and friends as well as revisiting guests talking about the Resort mostly just call it Palmgalo instead of Palm Garden Lodge.

In the Province of Prachin Buri, there is no mass tourism that could be compared to the places at the coasts of Thailand or in the north of the country, for example in the greater Chiang Mai area.
The entry of Palmgalo
The international name recognition rating of the greater Prachin Buri area is rather low, as even in most travel guides this province is not contained respectively has not been mentioned yet. As a result, of course there is a chance for a soft, even in a certain way sensitive tourism.

Birthday in Palmgalo
Birthday in Palmgalo
Phailin Kramer, who together with her daughter Eet and her son-in-law Boo runs the Resort, still consequently follow the concept of tourism for individually travelling persons designed by the the builder of the Palm Garden Lodge (Winfried Kramer).

As the Palm Garden Lodge is not connected to travel agencies by contracts, you will not find travel groups. There is only self-marketing via this internet presence and peer-to-peer advertising by happy guests who love to recommend the Resort to others.

As in the Palmgalo there is a lot of space for individual holiday planning in a warm and friendly atmosphere, many visitors of the Palm Garden Lodge came as guests and leave after a longer stay as friends.

From a general point of view, while staying at the Palmgalo you are not only a guest, but primarily a guest of the Kramer family who does its best to fulfill your special holiday wishes within the bounds of possibility.

If you want to carry on a piece of typical Thai everyday life from your holiday and if you also want to learn something about Thailand's culutre, a stay at the Palmgalo is certainly not the worst idea.
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