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The province capital Prachin Buri is located about 20 km (12.5 miles) south of the Palm Garden Lodge and can be reached by Tuk Tuk from the Palm Garden Lodge in a comfortable way. All administrative facilities and banks of the surrounding area can be found at the province capital. Besides this, Prachin Buri is a typically busy province capital which at first sight seems to be rather nonspectacular.

Along the river shore there is a small promenade for pedestrians with a richly decorated shrine which is very much adored by the Buddhist population.
Prachin Buri
The city shrine
Prachin Buri
Prachin Buri Downtown
In the center of the city there is a wide place with a monument honoring Chulalongkorn. This place is often used for public festivals and other ceremonies.

Behind the place one can find the Governor's Building and passing the House of the Province Government, one reaches the National Museum of the City of Prachin Buri.

In the small museum there are some historically valuable goods from the Mon period and the Khmer era wich might be interesting for those interested in culture.

Certainly each visit to the numerous markets and night markets in Prachin Buri is an exotic experience. Due to the absent tourism in the province of Prachin Buri these markets do not deal with junk souvenirs and other keepsakes, but they present an original trading place with prices that equally correspond to the average incomes of the inhabitants.

During a longer stay, there will certainly be an occasion to visit one of these markets together with the staffof the Palm Garden Lodge.

Night Market in Prachin Buri
Night Market in Prachin Buri
Chao Phaya Hospital , Prachin Buri
Chao Phaya Hospital
The province of Prachin Buri also has a firstclass medical supply system with various hospitals.

The Chao Phaya Hospital additionally offers an excellent traditional Thai Massage in a separate part of the building.

When it comes to this wellness pleasure, the Palm Garden Lodge gladly organizes an appointment for you.