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The Palm Garden Lodge offers its guests the small bus together with a driver for tours to the nearby and more distant surroundings of the Palm Garden Lodge. Here are some suggestions for such tours to the various objects of cultural interest of the area, but also to interesting landscapes in the surrounding areas.

· Lopburi and Wat Phra Butthabat
Besides Ayuttaya, Lopburi is the then second capital of King Narai. Both the Prang Sam Yot and the Kala Temple in the old part of the city of Lopburi are worth a trip, there is even a naughty herd of monkeys. Even the old King's Palace and the Wat Phra Si Rattana Mahatat opposite the train station are worth a visit. Along the way from the Palm Garden Lodge to Lopburi there is also the Wat Phra Butthabat which is famous all over Thailand, a stop at this object of interest should absolutely be included in this tour.
Distance to the Palm Garden Lodge: about 150 km (95 miles)

Wat Phra Butthabat
Wat Phra Butthabat
Wat Sotorn in Chachoengsao
Wat Sotorn in Chachoengsao
· Chachoengsao and Wat Pho Bang Khla
In the province capital Chachoengsao there is the Wat Sothorn, which for Thai Buddhists is a very popular pilgrim place and the temple's architecture itself is very impressing. Only a few kilometers away there is the Wat Pho Bang Khla where during daytime thousands of Fruit Bats can be seen hanging in the trees, in the evening they start their nocturnal search for food. This is an extraordinary natural phenomenon.
Distance to the Palm Garden Lodge: about 80 km (50 miles)

· Ayuttaya and Bang Pa-In
In 1767, the old capital of the Siam Empire was almost completely destroyed by the Burmese. Today the ruins still allow us to imagine the splendor of the former capital. Bang Pa-In is the summer residence of some Thai kings of the Chakri Dynasty and is located only a few kilometers from Ayuttaya. Bang Pa-In particularly impresses you by its architectonic mixture all over the territory. Buildings of the Rattanakosin Style alternate with Chinese architecture, buildings of the European style and from the Khmer era.
Distance to the Palm Garden Lodge: about 150 km (95 miles)
Wat Phra Si Sanphet in Ayuttaya
Wat Phra Si Sanphet in Ayuttaya
Historiacal Park Phimai
Historical Park Phimai
· Phimai and Phrasat Phanom Wan
Phimai is one of the most important sacred places of the Khmer era on Thai territory and was the terminal point of the then Royal Road which lead from Phimai to Angkor in the present Kingdom of Cambodia. Between Khorat and Phimai there is the Phrasat# Phanom Wan which was also part of the old Royal Road, but it is much more remote and more silent then the Phimai Historical Park. Along this tour, a stop at Khorat at the Thao Suranari Monument is also recommended, this woman liberated the city from Laotic occupation by using a trick.
Distance to the Palm Garden Lodge: about 250 km (156 miles)

The tips listed herein are only examples for day trips which are possible with the small bus of the Palm Garden Lodge. Of course, trips to other places of interest in the sense of your individual wishes are also possible. The rental fares for the small bus including driver and without costs for fuel are between 1500 and 2000 THB. Hints for renting the small bus can be found at "car rental" on the web site.